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Eliminating The Fear Of Failure


Brandon Richey Fitness - Super Strength Show - Overcome Fear of FailureBy: Brandon Richey B.S.,CSCS

Week after week it seems that my Facebook news feed is filled with negativity. It’s something that seems to be so pervasive that I find myself having to seek out positive news and positive life experiences with what little time I spend weekly just catching up on what news is going on in the world.

Because of this, I often hear many people say that they have chosen to simply just tune out completely and stop watching the news altogether.

Granted I can understand their sentiment, but to me this is a cop out and just demonstrates a sort of self serving laziness by ignoring news that may be important to know…even if it is negative. After all, how can you expect to insert any change for the better if you don’t know what the hell is going on?

The thing is that in both situations here I’m pointing out a common thread. On one hand we have failure after failure that is displayed on the news throughout the world, and on the other, we have people that would just rather tune out and do nothing about it. Is one really worse than the other? 

The common thing I see here is that many people allow the fear of failing to control them in much of their weekly and daily decision making. Now don’t get me wrong, failing naturally is a bit scary, but allowing the emotion of fear to drive you in making your decisions is down right debilitating…and even dangerous.

You see it seems that many folks today don’t know how to deal with failure. Is it a generational thing? Well, yes I think it probably is to a large degree. Millennials seem to be the target here. Look I get it… technology has pretty much single handedly been responsible for destroying human interaction as we know it and it has certainly dumbed down the younger generations due to the fact that everything in their lives is a constant distraction.

So if we step away from this and look at this in a logical and practical sense it’s changed how people think, or even better, with the availability of so much information, people fail to think at all. Unfortunately I see this as a growing trend that is spreading more and more throughout society.

Because of this many people fail to understand what it’s like to fail…at least in the traditional sense. The growing mindset of entitlement is part of a cultural thread of BS that has been fed to an up and coming generation that has a lot of proving to do on the world stage, but so far it seems that society is just falling further and further behind.

Changing Your Perception

As a coach one thing that I’m always working to teach my students is the importance of failure. Yes, you read that last statement correctly. I want to teach people that failing is just part of the process of learning.

Let’s look at a real life example. If I’m going to make a heavy PR attempt on the deadlift and fail the lift, do I then just simply give up lifting? No, as you know it’s then and only then that you know where you stand so you know that it’s time to get your ass back in the weight room so that the next time you try for that new PR you make that attempt happen.

The fear of failing shouldn’t drive you to give up on the lift. In other words, that single failure shouldn’t be fatal. Now chances are if you’re reading this article you probably understand this, but this goes beyond just trying to hit a new PR in the weight room.

This is simply a metaphor for life as well. As another real life example, what good does it do to make an attempt at a job interview, get turned down for the position, and as a result, quit looking for work?

What about having the dreams of starting your own business, or to be the starting quarterback for your football team next year? Do you think that is going to happen if you give up at the first sign of resistance? Hell no, you have to change your perception. You’ve got to have the same approach here as you did on that failed PR attempt on the deadlift.

Your perception should be that life is just made up of one challenge after the next. You’ve got to learn to recognize false perceptions and replace those false perceptions with reality. Viewing a failure as being fatal will make your life stagnant and with this mindset you’ll only start to become bitter.

The Destructive Path To Victimhood

Remember that if you allow bitterness to set in then this will progress to you adopting a completely different mindset where you become a professional victim (As I stated in the video). This behavior happens all the time and has been in existence forever. It’s so recognized that it’s even been used as the main story line in movies to drive home the message. Remember Yoda?

Yoda Fears The Dark Side

That’s right. Fear is the path to the dark side and in this story you don’t even get to be a kickass villain like Darth Vader. Work to eliminate your fears by facing them head on. Go full steam ahead until you’ve been hardened by every challenge that faces you for a given endeavor.

Remember that your strength only comes from your struggles so you can’t live a life of strength if you expect the rewards to be handed to you. Life doesn’t work that way. Eliminate that fear of failure, stay strong, and keep training smart.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and if you want to learn more about coach Brandon Richey make sure to visit him at:

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