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040 Brandon Richey: Overcoming Adversity & Achieving The Sweetest Victory Of All

Super Strength Show - Bradon Richey

In this episode of the Super Strength Show, Brandon Richey takes us on his journey to becoming a Division 1 Trainer, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kettlebell Trainer, Blogger, Author, and Founder of Brandon Richey Fitness.

More Specifically in this Episode

  • Discover your character through adversity.
  • Don’t wish away time!
  • Every challenge is a stepping stone to getting somewhere else in life.
  • What is earned, is the sweetest victory of all.
  • The importance of ensuring your body is fully functioning unit!
  • Finding your body’s mobility.
  • “Survivor’s Bias” and its impact on strength athletes. See Brandon’s Article Here
  • The benefits of training for both endurance and strength.
  • The belief you must have in yourself.
  • The importance of focusing on your training and getting the job done!
  • Whatever you choose to do in life, be devoted to it, not just interested.

About Brandon Richey

Brandon Richey is a lifelong athlete and has been in the strength and fitness business now for over 13 years. He’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist certified through the NSCA and has worked with an array of serious fitness personnel and athletes from 10 years of age all the way up to Division-1 and the Pro-level. Brandon Richey has been able to do this with a variety of sports ranging from hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, rugby, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and now for figure skating.

He’s accumulated work experience under the helm of hall of fame strength coach Dave Van Halanger in assisting with the strength and conditioning program for the UGA football team. Over the years he’s been able to construct a very comprehensive strength and conditioning program that would be beneficial for most any life situation or sport. He’s had an extensive background in athletic performance development (speed, agility, power) along with a very disciplined self study of kettlebells over the past 6 years.

Being the creator of Brandon Richey Fitness, he is a regular blogger, author, and lifter of heavy stuff! He’s a die hard DAWG and huge James Bond fan so if you want to talk movies he can certainly do that too! Brandon lives by the credo that “Most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!”

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Success Quote

“Adversity doesn’t build one’s character, it reveals it.” – Unknown (Click To Tweet)

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Training Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Unconventional Conventional Method of Strength eBook by Brandon Richey

The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline

Featured Article

Survivor’s Bias: How We Miss The Mark With Our Athletes by Brandon Richey

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Bonus Q&A

Every person that we interview on The Super Strength Show has an opportunity to answer some extra questions that aren’t asked in the podcast. It’s a chance for our listeners to learn a little bit more about our guests and to get even more value from our show. Check out Brandon Richey’s answers below!

Can you share one of your habits that contribute to your success in the gym? I always have a shot of espresso before every workout. There’s no magic dust here, but it has become a ritual for me, and it gets me in the right mindset.

What are your favourite exercises? All of them! At least all the major big core lifts!

What are your favourite muscle groups to train? Chest and Legs. I like the feel of the pump. Just like Arnold referenced in the famous Pumping Iron movie. It really never gets old.

What are your favourite pieces of equipment? The barbell and kettle bell are my favorites. With each of these 2 pieces there great potential for both strength and performance. All of your bases are covered.

What is currently on your workout music playlist? I really don’t have a playlist that I listen to. I’m always getting the “eye roll” about this from friends and family. However no band puts me in the mood to throw some iron like Metallica.

How do you psych up for a workout or set? Ok for this one I don’t want to creep anybody out because to me it’s all about the psychology. However I love to use my imagination and think that with whatever set I’m about to tackle that I must do so in order to survive some post-apocalyptic crisis. You know like being one of the survivors after a zombie apocalypse or something.

What was one exercise or routine that gave you great gains in muscle mass and/or strength? I’ve got to say that for me personally I feel that I have obtained the greatest lean muscle gains with barbell back squats. Even though I’ve had 2 major knee injuries from my past I try to squat with a quality depth and full ROM. I have always noticed more lean muscle mass and overall rapid strength gains when I’m squatting frequently.

What’s your favourite way to speed up recovery between workouts? Once again I’m personally a big fan of ritual. Just like one may have a ritual to begin a workout one can also have a ritual to recover.

What’s your favourite meal? My favorite overall meal is a grilled steak with either a good potato or sweet potato.

What’s your favourite cheat meal and how often do you indulge? My favorite cheat meal, if you would consider it to be, would be an old fashioned big homemade grilled hamburger with a big serving of fries. Pretty much your official Saturday college football tailgating special!

What supplements do you feel work well for you? You know traditionally I’ve never really been a big user of supplements other than having a protein shake or bar here and there out of necessity. However, lately I’ve been taking a BCAA after a workout to experiment and see how well it would curtail soreness. It was a success so I have continued to use it, but only after my heavy leg days and I have seen tremendous results.

What do you do to relax? My favorite thing to do to relax is to hang with family and my fiancé and kick back and maybe watch a movie or just talk. I treasure any free time with family!

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