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068 Allan Phillips: Training Progress Secrets, For Strength, Endurance and Functional Movement

Super Strength Show - Allan Phillips

In this episode of the Super Strength Show, we interview Allan Phillips who takes us on his journey to becoming a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator, Triathlon Coach, StrongFirst Kettlebell and Bodyweight Instructor, Speedgolf Competitor (ranked 3rd in the world), and Co-Owner of Pike Athletics. Allan provides his best training progress secrets, for strength, endurance and functional movement.

More Specifically in this Episode

  • Allan explains “Speed Golf” and how he got into it.
  • Comparing your training progressions to “Compound Interest”
  • Letting your training progress marinate.
  • Listen to your body when something doesn’t feel right.
  • Treating your workout as a practice.
  • The benefits of Kettelbell Training.
  • Find personal reward in whatever you do.
  • Creating a workout contingency plan.
  • Steady State Vs. High Intensity Training
  • Try to keep getting better and enjoy the journey.

About Allan Phillips

Allan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator and co-owner of Pike Athletics.  He is USA Triathlon Level I Coach and a Level II Coach with the American Swimming Coaches Association, and a certified personal trainer at American College of Sports Medicine.

Allan is also a certified kettlebell instructor, bodyweight instructor with StrongFirst and certified in the Functional Movement Screen and with Titleist Performance Institute.

Allan is currently enrolled as a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Baylor University.  In addition to his competitive background, Allan is ranked number three in the world on the Speedgolf International Tour.

You can connect with him by visiting his website at


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Success Quote

“All you can ask of yourself is that you keep getting better, because you never know when it’s going to stop.” – Allan Phillips (Click To Tweet)

Super Strength Show - Allan Phillips

“A plateau is a sign that a big improvement is on the horizon.” – Dan John (Click To Tweet)

Super Strength Show - Allan Phillips

Training Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Kettlebell Simple and Sinister
Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky
Super Training by Mel C. Siff
Daniels’ Running Formula by Jack Daniels

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Connect With Allan Phillips

Pike Athletics
Swimming Science

Bonus Q&A

Every person that we interview on The Super Strength Show has an opportunity to answer some extra questions that aren’t asked in the podcast. It’s a chance for our listeners to learn a little bit more about our guests and to get even more value from our show. Check out the answers that Allan Phillips provided below!

Can you share one of your habits that contribute to your success in the gym? Willingness to learn.  I view every workout as an opportunity to learn something to make me a better coach and athlete.

What are your favourite exercises? Turkish getup, Pull ups, One arm one leg Push Ups, and Swings.

What are your favourite muscle groups to train? I typically think of movements rather than muscles… so I’d say whatever muscles are worked by the exercises listed above!

What are your favourite pieces of equipment? Kettlebells and pull up bar.

What is currently on your workout music playlist? Nothing.  I prefer a more meditative approach with a quiet background, focusing on how my body is responding to the workout.

How do you psych up for a workout or set? I generally don’t psych up immediately before workouts, as I have learned to appreciate the sustainability of a “punch the clock” attitude.  That said, I do enjoy watching videos of very strong people for inspiration.  My own limits seem less daunting when I see others lifting much more weight or performing more difficult bodyweight skills.

What was one exercise or routine that gave you great gains in muscle mass and/or strength? In preparing for my last few big races and tournaments, I’ve gone almost exclusively to bodyweight training in the months before the event, doing only one arm one leg pushups and tactical pull ups in a “Grease the Groove” fashion reminiscent of Pavel’s Naked Warrior.  I’ve very pleased with how well these exercises have maintained my strength during racing season.  When I reintegrated kettlebells back into the plan post-race, I lost very little from where I had left off.

What’s your favourite way to speed up recovery between workouts? Forcing myself to be consistent about going to bed earlier!

What’s your favourite meal? Maryland Crab Cakes.

What’s your favourite cheat meal and how often do you indulge? I don’t really view it as a cheat meal, but whenever the opportunity presents I will gladly seek out the biggest baddest burger I can find, accompanied by sweet potato fries and the biggest thickest shake possible (preferably something involving peanut butter).

What supplements do you feel work well for you? Emergen-C. It may be nothing but placebo, but illness has been very rare for me since using incorporating Emergen-C.  One of the most reliable ways to improve is to simply not miss training days from illness!

What do you do to relax? Easy runs in the early morning before most of the world is awake are very soothing and meditative.

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