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187: Jerred Moon: The Ultimate Training Guide To Becoming A Garage Gym Athlete


About This Episode

In this episode of the Super Strength Show, Strength &
Conditioning Coach, Jerred Moon, is here to talk about his new book
“The Garage Gym Athlete – The Practical Guide to Training Like a
Pro, Unleashing Fitness Freedom, and Living the Simple Life”

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Jerred joined us back in episode 100, so if you want to get a
bit more context around today’s guest and his background,
definitely check out that episode. To bring you up to speed, here
is quick bio…

Jerred is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and creator of End
of Three Fitness which specializes in simple, effective
barbell-centric fitness for the other guy.

He’s a former Physical Training Leader and Fitness Program
Manager within U.S. Air Force Special Operations command and he’s
been featured in CrossFit Endurance, WOD Talk Magazine, Sweat RX
Magazine, Life Hacker, The Huffington Post, The Art of Manliness
and many other websites and publications.

He currently coaches and programs for hundreds of athletes from
military operators to stay-at-home mom’s.

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More Specifically In This Episode 

  • From the Air Force to the physical fitness industry
  • Side hustle and training people to become better
  • What is The Garage Gym Athlete and what are the benefits to
    creating your own garage gym set up?
  • Why everyone should have a some kind of home gym set up
  • Achieving an elite level of fitness with a basic $500 garage
    gym set up
  • The consistency associated with “at home workouts”
  • DYI Squat & Bench Rack
  • Barbell vs Dumbbells
  • The versatility of Rings and why they’re a great addition to
    your garage gym
  • The Great Mistakes – how to stay accountable and get feedback
    on your form
  • The importance of building a foundation for the basic
  • Advanced athletes and learning the basic principles of
  • The benefits of Block Programming
  • Tips for completing your workout in 60 minutes or less
  • Keeping your eye on the time and cutting down on transition
  • Tips for keeping yourself accountable, benchmarking, and
    training alone
  • Learn why you should be waking up early to train


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